Waterproof Electrical Connector for Deck Connections: Efficient and Versatile Solution


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The Importance of Electrical Pin Connectors in Marine Settings

When it comes to marine settings and boating, it's important to have reliable electrical connections in order to ensure your safety and the proper functioning of equipment. Among the many types of electrical connectors available, one that stands out as particularly useful in marine applications is the electrical pin connector.

An electrical pin connector is a type of plug and socket unit that simplifies deck connections by providing a secure and weather-tight connection. These connectors are ideal for most light through deck wiring applications and can be used for a variety of purposes on board, such as search lights, mast wiring, pumps, and more.

One of the key features of an electrical pin connector is its watertight screwed cap, which helps to protect the connection from moisture and prevent corrosion. This is particularly important in marine settings, where exposure to saltwater and other corrosive elements can be a significant risk factor for equipment failure.

In addition to their weather-resistant design, electrical pin connectors also offer high-performance electrical connections that are capable of handling a wide range of voltages and currents. These connectors typically come in 2 or 4 pin versions, with a 3 amp rating that makes them suitable for many types of marine applications.

Another benefit of electrical pin connectors is their durability. Made from brass nickel-plated material, these connectors are designed to stand up to the rigors of marine environments and maintain their performance over time. When coupled together, they stand 60mm high and have a shipping weight of 160g.

Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use electrical connector for your marine equipment, an electrical pin connector is definitely worth considering. Its weather-resistant design, high performance, and durability make it a great choice for a wide range of applications, and the added convenience of its plug and socket design makes it easy to use and maintain.

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How to Wire Sockets: A Comprehensive Guide with Diagrams and Symbols

Socket Wiring Diagram - Understanding the BasicsWhen it comes to wiring electrical systems, it is important to have a basic understanding of the different components involved. One critical component is the socket wiring diagram. In simple terms, a socket wiring diagram is a schematic representation of the wiring of a socket intended to receive an electrical plug.A socket wiring diagram typically includes details such as the placement and types of wiring connections and the polarity of the electrical current. This information is essential for safe and effective electrical installation, as well as for troubleshooting any issues that may arise with the electrical system.Wire Socket Plug - Types and ApplicationsThere are different types of wire socket plugs that are used in various applications. These include:1. Two-pin plugs - This type of plug contains only two pins and is typically used for low-power devices such as lamps and radios.2. Three-pin plugs - This type of plug contains three pins and is commonly used for a range of devices, including computers, televisions, and some small appliances.3. Four-pin plugs - This type of plug contains four pins and is commonly used for higher-power devices such as air conditioners and electric ovens.Regardless of the type of plug used, it is essential to ensure that the wiring connections are made correctly, and the electrical system is properly grounded.Socket Wiring Diagram - Key ElementsWhen analyzing a socket wiring diagram, there are several key elements to consider. These include:1. The placement of the wiring connections - It is critical to ensure that the connections are made in the proper location and order to prevent issues such as electrical shorts.2. The type of wiring used - This can vary depending on the specific application and the requirements of the device being powered.3. The polarity of the electrical current - This is important to ensure that the device receives the correct amount and type of electrical current.ConclusionIn conclusion, a socket wiring diagram is an essential component of any electrical system. By understanding the basics of socket wiring and plug types, and by carefully analyzing socket wiring diagrams, it is possible to ensure that electrical systems are installed and maintained safely and effectively. Always follow safety protocols when working with electrical systems and consult with a professional if necessary.

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Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg collaborate once again for a movie inspired by the real-life tale of a refugee stranded in a Paris airport.

The Female Terminal - A Pathbreaking Story of Resilience and SurvivalThe world of refugees is one of constant struggle and uncertainty. They are forced to leave their homes and families, often with nothing but the clothes on their backs, to escape violence, persecution, and war. The Female Terminal is an inspiring film that shines a light on their struggles and the power of the human spirit to triumph in the face of adversity.Inspired by the true story of a female refugee stranded in a Paris airport, The Female Terminal is a riveting tale of resilience, courage, and survival. The lead character, played by a talented and versatile actor (need to research actor name) represents all those who have suffered the indignities of being labeled an outsider, invisible to the world.The film follows her journey as she navigates the complex system of asylum and immigration. The audience is privy to the obstacles she faces, from lack of basic amenities to the heart-wrenching moments when officials try to send her back to an uncertain future.The Female Terminal is more than just a film; it is a wake-up call to the world. It highlights the callousness with which refugees are treated in many parts of the world, often regarded as mere numbers and statistics. It's a powerful reminder to the humanity that we all share.The film has gathered much-deserved attention for the excellent performances of the cast, the breathtaking visuals, and the sensitivity with which the subject handled. It is a refreshing change from the humdrum of superhero movies and mindless action flicks. As someone who has always believed in the power of art to bring about change, I can't recommend The Female Terminal enough. It's a film that deserves attention and recognition - not only for the incredible work that has gone into its making but for the impact it could have on society.To wrap it up, The Female Terminal is a landmark film, a triumphant tribute to the human spirit's power to endure and survive against all odds. It's a must-watch for anyone who cares about humanity, empathy and believes in the transformative power of art.

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Gardening App Launches at Babylonstoren, Emphasizes the Discovery of Umami

Finding Umami: The Launch of Candide Gardening App at BabylonstorenThe world of gardening just got better with the launch of Candide, the new gardening app that brings together a community of green thumbs, plant enthusiasts, and nature lovers to share gardening tips, discover new plants, and connect with fellow gardeners.The launch of Candide took place at Babylonstoren, the beautiful 3.5-hectare farm and garden, located in the Cape Winelands of South Africa. The event showcased how the app works and how it can help gardeners of all levels, from beginners to experts, in their gardening journey.The launch showcased how the app’s features can help gardeners in various ways. It allows users to identify plants through image recognition and offer recommendations on plant care. The app also features a ‘Nearby’ tab that uses GPS to show users nearby gardens and nurseries that they can explore.One of the highlights of Candide is the ‘Umami’ feature, which allows users to discover new plants and recipes using locally-sourced ingredients. Umami is a Japanese term used to describe the ‘fifth taste’, which is often associated with savoury and rich foods. Candide’s Umami feature brings the same concept to gardening and cooking, enabling users to explore various herbs, fruits, and vegetables, their unique flavours and uses, and connect with community gardeners who might have interesting recipes to share.The app’s launch at Babylonstoren was not only an introduction to a new gardening tool but also a celebration of sustainable living. Babylonstoren is a perfect example of this as it is home to more than 300 varieties of plants, fruits, and vegetables that are cultivated organically and harvested daily, providing guests with fresh and healthy meals.The Candide gardening app is not just a tool for gardening enthusiasts but also for those who wish to make a positive impact on the environment. By connecting users to local nurseries, plant suppliers, and community gardens, Candide reinforces the importance of supporting local businesses and ensuring that plants are ethically sourced and cared for.In conclusion, Candide’s launch at Babylonstoren represents the growing trend of people wanting to connect with nature and make more environmentally-conscious choices. The app has a lot to offer not just in terms of gardening but also in supporting local communities, promoting sustainability, and encouraging a love of nature.If you are a green thumb or simply interested in gardening and sustainable living, make sure to download Candide today and join the community of gardeners who share a love for nature and the environment.

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Exploring 5 Pin DIN Connectors: Standard and Mini Variations for Sale

ShowMeCables.com Launches Comprehensive Range of 5 Pin DIN ConnectorsShowMeCables.com, a leading provider of audio and video cables and accessories, has launched a comprehensive range of 5 Pin DIN connectors. The company recognises the critical importance of connectors in ensuring optimum signal transmission, which is why it has added these essential components to its vast inventory.The range includes both standard and mini 5 Pin DIN connectors to suit the needs of audio and video professionals and hobbyists alike. The connectors are constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliable performance, making them a great choice for use in a variety of applications.The 5 Pin DIN connector is widely used in the audio and video industry and is the go-to connector for carrying analogue signals. It is used for connecting speakers, keyboards, and other devices to audio systems, mixers, and other sound equipment. The connector is also used in the video industry to transfer analog video signals.The standard 5 Pin DIN connector has a circular shape and five pins. As the name suggests, it has a diameter of 5mm and is the most commonly used size. The mini 5 Pin DIN connector, on the other hand, has a smaller diameter of 3.5mm, making it ideal for use in smaller devices such as portable speakers and keyboards.ShowMeCables.com's 5 Pin DIN connectors are available in various configurations, including male-to-male, female-to-female, and male-to-female connectors. The connectors are also available in straight or angled versions, depending on the intended use.The company's range of DIN connectors has been hand-selected to ensure compatibility across a wide range of audio and video devices. Moreover, each connector is subject to rigorous quality control testing to ensure maximum signal integrity."At ShowMeCables.com, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing our clients with high-quality products that meet their specific needs," said a company spokesperson. "With our extensive inventory of 5 Pin DIN connectors, we are confident that we can provide audio and video experts with the right connector solutions for their requirements."Customers can easily browse and purchase the full range of 5 Pin DIN connectors from the company's secure online store. ShowMeCables.com offers a range of shipping options to ensure customers receive their orders quickly and efficiently.As a leading provider of audio and video cables and accessories, ShowMeCables.com is dedicated to supporting professionals in the industry. The company offers a variety of online resources, including educational articles, guides, and tutorials, to help customers make informed decisions when it comes to selecting and using the right products.In addition to its comprehensive range of DIN connectors, the company also offers a wide range of other audio and video products, including HDMI and VGA cables, adapters, and converters, as well as video splitters and switches, and audio speakers and amplifiers.About ShowMeCables.comShowMeCables.com is a leading provider of audio and video cables and accessories. The company offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products, which includes HDMI cables, VGA cables, audio cables, and adapters and converters. With fast and secure shipping, as well as a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, ShowMeCables.com is dedicated to providing customers with the ultimate shopping experience. For more information, visit ShowMeCables.com or call 1-888-519-9505.

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Revolutionary Terminal Boosts Efficiency and Streamlines Operations in Latest Development

Title: State-of-the-Art Terminal Revolutionizes Operations at Major PortIntroduction:In a groundbreaking move that is set to transform the way goods are handled and transported, a cutting-edge terminal has been introduced at a prominent port. This innovative facility, known as the Amp Terminal, represents a significant leap forward in port operations, integrating advanced technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. The Amp Terminal is expected to revolutionize cargo processing, streamlining logistics operations, and boosting economic growth. As ports continue to play a crucial role in global trade, this state-of-the-art terminal opens new possibilities for the industry.Section 1: A Solution for the FutureThe Amp Terminal challenges conventional norms with its extensive array of technologies and systems. Developed with the aim of optimizing cargo handling processes, this new facility boasts comprehensive digital connectivity, automation, and data analytics capabilities. By leveraging these advancements, port operations can be more streamlined, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible. The Amp Terminal envisions a future where efficiency meets sustainability, positioning itself as a symbol of progress for the shipping industry.Section 2: Streamlined Operations with Advanced TechnologiesThe utilization of cutting-edge technologies has been the driving force behind the successful implementation of the Amp Terminal. Through the integration of real-time data analysis, artificial intelligence, and automation systems, cargo handling processes have been greatly expedited. Automated cranes and robotics streamline the unloading and loading of containers, reducing human error and increasing overall throughput. Additionally, advanced tracking systems ensure precise location monitoring of goods, minimizing delays and potential loss.Section 3: Environmentally Conscious OperationsRecognizing the need for sustainable practices, the Amp Terminal incorporates innovative solutions to minimize its environmental impact. Through the utilization of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, and the implementation of energy-efficient systems, the terminal significantly reduces its carbon footprint. Additionally, intelligent waste management systems and water conservation measures are in place to ensure responsible resource usage. By adopting eco-friendly practices, the Amp Terminal not only benefits the environment but also sets a positive example for the industry as a whole.Section 4: The Economic Impact and Future PotentialWith its state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced capabilities, the Amp Terminal is poised to deliver substantial economic benefits to the region. The enhanced efficiency in cargo handling expedites trade flows, boosting productivity, and minimizing operational costs. The optimized logistics processes, coupled with increased capacity, attract more businesses to the region, stimulating economic growth and creating employment opportunities. Furthermore, the integration of the Amp Terminal within the port's operations supports the port's role as a vital player in global supply chains.Section 5: Collaboration and DevelopmentThe introduction of the Amp Terminal marks a collaborative effort between the port authority and industry leaders. Extensive research, analysis, and design have culminated in the realization of this ground-breaking facility. Through partnerships with technology providers, the terminal is constantly evolving, integrating the latest advancements and anticipating future trends. This collaborative approach benefits both the port and its stakeholders, facilitating ongoing growth, development, and innovation within the shipping industry.Conclusion:The advent of the Amp Terminal represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of port operations. As technology continues to drive progress, this state-of-the-art facility showcases the industry's commitment to improving efficiency, sustainability, and economic prosperity. With its cutting-edge technologies, streamlined operations, and environmentally conscious practices, the Amp Terminal is leading the way towards a more innovative and connected future in global trade.

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Purchase High-Quality RG6 Quad Shield F-PIN Compression Connectors with Orange Band Online

CableWholesale Launches New RG6 Quad Shield F-PIN Compression ConnectorCableWholesale, a leading provider of high-quality connectivity solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new RG6 Quad Shield F-PIN Compression Connector. Designed with durability and performance in mind, this connector sets a new standard for reliable cable connections.Our team is always looking for innovative ways to improve our products and offer the best possible value to our customers, said a spokesperson for CableWholesale. The new RG6 Quad Shield F-PIN Compression Connector represents the latest in our commitment to excellence, and we're thrilled to introduce it to the market.Built for Convenience and PerformanceThe RG6 Quad Shield F-PIN Compression Connector is built to provide optimal connectivity for coaxial cables, ensuring clear signals and minimal signal loss. The connector is designed for quick and easy installation, with no special tools required. The connector's compression design and quad shielding ensure maximum signal transfer and interference rejection.Whether you're an installer or a do-it-yourselfer, you want a connector that's easy to use and reliable, said the spokesperson. With this connector, you get both. It's designed to ensure a perfect connection every time, and it's built to last.Built to LastThe connector is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, with a durable construction that includes a corrosion-resistant material. The orange band helps to differentiate it from other connectors in your collection, allowing for quick identification and easy organization.We wanted to create a connector that could stand up to the toughest conditions and deliver reliable performance even under heavy use, said the spokesperson. That's why we chose materials that are designed to last and a design that allows for easy identification and organization.About CableWholesaleCableWholesale is a trusted name in the connectivity industry, providing a wide range of high-quality products to customers all over the world. Its extensive product line includes cables, adapters, connectors, networking equipment, and more. With a commitment to quality and customer service, CableWholesale has become a go-to source for businesses and consumers alike.Since we first started in 1996, our goal has been to provide the best possible products and service to our customers, said the spokesperson. We're proud to have built a reputation as a company that puts its customers first and offers the highest quality products available.The new RG6 Quad Shield F-PIN Compression Connector is the latest in a long line of innovative products from CableWholesale. Designed with convenience, durability, and performance in mind, it's a must-have for anyone who needs a reliable and easy-to-use connector for their coaxial cable needs.To learn more about CableWholesale and its line of high-quality connectivity solutions, visit the company's website at www.cablewholesale.com.

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Piggyback Terminal: Revolutionizing Terminal Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

Title: Ingenious Terminal Enhances Logistics Efficiency and Maximizes Resource UtilizationIntroduction (100 words):In a groundbreaking move towards revolutionizing the logistics industry, a cutting-edge terminal solution has been developed by an innovative team. This bespoke Piggyback Terminal, developed by a leading logistics technology provider, offers businesses unprecedented control over their supply chain operations. By seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure and adopting a resourceful approach, this terminal facilitates enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable logistics management practices.Breaking Down the Concept (150 words):The Piggyback Terminal is an innovative logistics solution designed to optimize resource allocation and streamline operations at different stages of the supply chain. Unlike conventional terminals, this next-generation system enables multiple logistics providers to share a unified infrastructure, thereby maximizing the utilization of resources. By integrating technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, the terminal revolutionizes the way goods are handled, stored, and transferred between transportation modes.Key Features and Benefits (200 words):The Piggyback Terminal boasts several key features that set it apart from traditional logistics infrastructure. Firstly, it enables competing logistics companies to collaborate and share operational resources, leading to reduced costs and increased efficiency. Additionally, the terminal leverages advanced automation technologies to facilitate rapid loading and unloading of goods, minimizing waiting times and optimizing overall workflow.The implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) allows for real-time monitoring of goods, ensuring enhanced security and visibility throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, artificial intelligence algorithms and data analytics provide actionable insights and predictive capabilities, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate data.Another notable benefit of the Piggyback Terminal is its eco-friendly approach. By employing sustainable practices such as energy-efficient lighting systems, solar power integration, and waste management initiatives, the terminal actively contributes to reducing carbon footprint in the logistics industry.Enhancing Global Trade (150 words):The integration of the Piggyback Terminal into existing logistics operations enhances both domestic and international trade. By centralizing operations and eliminating the need for separate terminals, the system simplifies processes, reduces bureaucracy, and speeds up the movement of goods. This leads to enhanced competitiveness for businesses, increased connectivity, and improved customer satisfaction.Furthermore, the terminal's compatibility with various transportation modes, including road, rail, sea, and air, contributes to seamless intermodal connectivity. Such enhanced connectivity enables smoother exchange of goods within the supply chain, leading to reduced transit times, improved reliability, and optimized distribution networks.Future Outlook (100 words):As global trade volume continues to grow, the significance of efficient and sustainable logistics practices becomes increasingly evident. The Piggyback Terminal represents a promising and innovative solution to address the challenges faced by the logistics industry. With its ability to optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency, this pioneering terminal is set to reshape the future of logistics operations worldwide.In conclusion, the Piggyback Terminal offers an ingenious approach to logistics management, revolutionizing the industry by improving efficiency, increasing collaboration between logistics companies, and promoting sustainable practices. Its integration of advanced technologies and seamless intermodal connectivity make it a significant asset to businesses aiming to thrive in the dynamic global marketplace.

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How Asia is dominating the global circuit board industry

Circuit Board Connectors: The Technology Behind Seamless ConnectionsCircuit boards are the backbone of electronic devices. Every electronic device includes one or more circuit board(s) that contains multiple components, including resistors, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits. But, have you ever wondered how these components are connected on a circuit board?Well, the answer is through circuit board connectors. These connectors are essential elements in any circuitry that enable seamless transmission of data signals and power between components.In this blog, we will explore the importance of circuit board connectors and how they ensure reliable performance of electronic devices.What are Circuit Board Connectors?Circuit board connectors are devices that allow electrical signals and power to flow from one circuit board to another or within the same board. They come in various types, including board-to-board connectors, wire-to-board connectors, and wire-to-wire connectors.These connectors are typically made from a range of materials such as plastic, metal, and ceramic. They are designed to ensure easy and secure connection between different electronic components in a device.Importance of Circuit Board ConnectorsCircuit board connectors play a critical role in ensuring that electronic devices remain fully functional. Here are some of the primary reasons why circuit board connectors are vital:- Versatile: Circuit board connectors are versatile in design, allowing them to be used in various applications. They come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations, making them ideal for use in small and large electronic devices alike.- Reliable Connection: Electronic devices demand reliability in function and performance, and that's where circuit board connectors come in place. They offer secure and dependable connections between components in a device, allowing for uninterrupted signals and power flows.- Easy Maintenance: Maintenance of electronic devices can be a challenging task, especially when a circuit board is involved. Circuit board connectors make it easy to swap out or replace faulty components, allowing for quick maintenance and repair of devices.Types of Circuit Board ConnectorsAs mentioned earlier, circuit board connectors come in different types, depending on their application. Here are the common types of circuit board connectors:1. Wire-to-Board Connectors: These connectors are used to connect wires to a circuit board. They are ideal for low current applications such as sensors, communications devices, and medical equipment.2. Board-to-Board Connectors: These connectors are essential in connecting multiple circuit boards. They allow for the transmission of data and power between two boards, enabling seamless communication and operation of the device.3. Wire-to-Wire Connectors: These connectors are used to connect wires together. They are used in electronic devices such as appliances, automotive applications, and industrial equipment.ConclusionIn conclusion, circuit board connectors are essential components in electronic devices. They enable reliable and efficient communication between components, ensuring smooth operation and performance of the device.If you are in the market for circuit board connectors, then quality and reliability should be your top priority. Regardless of the type of circuit board connector you need, be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality components.At the end of the day, the integrity of your electronic devices depends on the quality of their components, including circuit board connectors. So, choose wisely, and your devices will function reliably for years to come!

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Find High-Quality Terminal Blocks and Connector Strips Online

(Company Introduction)The world of electronics has come a long way in the past few decades. With the rise of technology has come the demand for high-quality electronic components that can make the most of this technology. That's where (Brand Name) comes in. As one of the world's leading distributors of electronics components, power, and connectors, we're dedicated to providing our customers with all the products and services they need to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology.(Terminal Blocks)In the world of electronics, terminal blocks are a crucial component. These blocks are used to connect wires or other electrical components together in a safe and secure manner. At (Brand Name), we offer a wide range of terminal blocks, including connector blocks and strips, Non-Fused DIN Rail Terminals, and spares.Our terminal blocks are suitable for a variety of applications and are available in different sizes, shapes, and types to meet your specific needs. We also offer terminal blocks with different mounting options, such as DIN rail, PCB, and panel mount, to make installation easier.(DIN Rail Terminals)We understand the importance of safety in the world of electronics, which is why we offer Non-Fused DIN Rail Terminals. These terminals are designed to be used in applications where over-current protection is already provided, or where it's not required. They offer a simple and straightforward way to wire devices together while maintaining a high level of safety.Our Non-Fused DIN Rail Terminals are available in various sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs. We also offer a range of accessories and spares to help you get the most out of your terminal blocks.(Ordering Online)At (Brand Name), we make it easy to order our products online. Our website is simple to navigate and offers a wide range of products, including terminal blocks, connectors, cables, and more. We also offer fast and efficient shipping to make sure your products arrive on time and in good condition.If you have any questions about our products or services, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always available to help. We're committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us for a full refund or exchange.(Conclusion)In conclusion, if you're looking for high-quality terminal blocks, Non-Fused DIN Rail Terminals, or other electronic components, (Brand Name) is the place to go. We offer a wide range of products and services, fast shipping, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that's second to none. So why wait? Visit our website today and start shopping!

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High-current Dual Row Connectors for Heavy-duty and Space-saving Connections

ERNI Electronics Launches MaxiBridge Dual Row Connectors with High Current Carrying Capacity for Heavy Duty and Space Saving ConnectionsERNI Electronics, a leading global provider of electronic connectors, announces the launch of MaxiBridge dual row connectors, a new range of 10-pin or 20-pin connectors with a current carrying capacity of up to 12 A per contact on a 2.54 mm grid. The new connectors are ideal for heavy duty and space-saving connections between circuit boards and external devices. They enable engineers to make high-density connections in applications where space may be limited, without sacrificing performance or reliability.The MaxiBridge dual row connectors are available in a range of configurations, including straight and angled male connectors fitted with SMT termination, and female connectors with 180 outgoing cable units and corresponding contact chambers for crimp contacts. Cable cross-sections of AWG 18 to AWG 26 can be processed.Designed for use in a range of industries, including automotive, telecommunications, industrial, and medical technology, the new connectors are a highly versatile solution for engineers looking to achieve high-density connections without sacrificing on performance. They have been specifically engineered to provide reliable, high-performance connectivity in demanding environments and are therefore particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial and automotive environments.Features and BenefitsThe MaxiBridge dual row connectors feature a number of advanced design features and benefits, including:Pitch: 2.54 mmNumber of pins: 2 x 5; 2 x 10Current carrying capacity per contact: up to 12 AConnection: Male Connector SMT, Female Connector crimpDiscrete stranded wires AWG 18, 20, 22, 24, 26Straight and angled Male ConnectorCoplanarity of the male contacts including solder clips < 0.1 mmFemale Connector with 180 cable outletDual locking of crimp contacts4 colored housing codesTough locking of Male and Female ConnectorMaxiBridge Dual Row Connectors from ERNI Electronics are an excellent solution for applications that require high-density, reliable, and high-performance connectivity. With their high current carrying capacity, low profile design, and dual-row configuration, these connectors are perfect for use in industrial automation and control systems, automotive electronics, and telecommunications equipment. Their rugged design and superior electrical characteristics make them ideal for use in applications such as power distribution systems, machine control systems, and factory automation equipment.Product AvailabilityMaxiBridge dual row connectors from ERNI Electronics are available now. For more information about these connectors and other products from ERNI Electronics, visit their website or contact one of their sales representatives.

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